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Sweet Temptations: How Biscuits and Coffee Spike Blood Sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Biscuits and other confectionaries have wheat flour, sugar, and flavouring agents. These ingredients make biscuits rich in carbohydrates and free sugars such as sucrose and glucose. Excessive amounts of high-GI biscuits combined with sugary coffee drinks can lead to blood sugar spikes and poor glucose metabolism.

Reducing blood glucose levels by optimising the intake of biscuits and coffee
• Consider replacing your biscuits with a multigrain or sourdough toast.
• You can pair biscuits with green tea as it lowers the release of glucose in the bloodstream and has an insulin-sensitising effect.
• Practise portion control by having 1-2 biscuits at a time.
• You can choose healthier snacks like mixed nuts, fruit with peanut butter, hummus, sprouts, etc.
• Try reducing the quantity of milk in your coffee.

Moderate consumption of caffeine can help improve glucose levels by sensitising insulin. The impact on glucose metabolism also depends on the type and amount of coffee and biscuits consumed. To regulate blood glucose levels, the intake of biscuits and coffee should be optimised with portion control.

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