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Tea Time Triumph: Enjoy Your Chai Without Spiking Your Blood Sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

There is no need for clarification when it comes to chai or tea. It is the world’s most-loved beverage and one of the most sought-after drinks during stressful work hours. Despite its benefits, tea made with milk and sugar can spike blood glucose levels. Lactose present in milk breaks down into simple sugars like glucose and galactose in the body. On top of that, added sugar in the tea causes further fluctuations in glucose metabolism.

Managing Glucose Levels with a Cup of Tea
• Black tea(tea with no milk) has been shown to reduce the risk of blood sugar spikes.
• Try reducing the amount of milk in chai, or avoid it entirely if possible.
• Avoid having tea with high-carbohydrate foods like biscuits, chips or cakes. Instead, pair your tea with healthier alternatives like beans, sprouts, nuts and seeds.
• You can also consider sweetening your tea with natural sugar substitutes like honey, stevia, jaggery or organic brown sugar, although in moderate amounts.

Tea made with milk, and sugar might be delicious, but it comes with the disadvantage of blood sugar spikes in the body. Black tea, devoid of milk, is a much healthier alternative. Thus, if consumed consciously, tea can be a great kickstart for your day.

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