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Tea With Sugar: Spilling The Tea

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Tea with sugar is a fixed ritual in every Indian household. However, here’s what you should know about your favourite hot beverage. Tea contains sugar and milk, both of which increase blood sugar levels.
You don’t have to eliminate milk tea with sugar entirely from your routine. You can reduce its impact on blood glucose with a few minor changes.

Improve Every Sip Of Your Tea
• Try to reduce the quantity of milk in your tea. The carbs present in milk spike up blood sugar levels. So, reducing the milk quantity will help cut down on carbs.
• Sugar is also responsible for increasing blood glucose. So, try to avoid adding sugar to your tea.
• You may avoid pairing tea with confectionaries such as cakes or foods with added sugar to reduce carbs.
• Consider enjoying your tea with beans, sprouts, nuts, seeds or hummus to increase protein and fats that control the carbs.

Milk and sugar, the key ingredients in this hot drink, have carbohydrates responsible for increasing blood sugar levels. The Glycemic Index of sugar is 65; when combined with milk, it shoots up glucose. So, try to reduce your tea intake and adopt healthier consumption methods. The tips mentioned above will make your tea healthier.

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