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The bread report: Health concerns and the French and Vienna bread

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

French and Vienna bread are two of the most popular types of bread around the world. Vienna bread is a short, round bread that differs from French bread in various aspects. Due to the difference in the type of flour used, French bread are delicate and lighter whereas Vienna bread is chewy and coarse. Both the bread are a source of carbohydrates and they rank high on the glycemic index. Regular and increased consumption of both increase blood sugar and alters glucose metabolism.

Secret to eating French and Vienna bread in a healthy way
• Consider adding a source of fibre salad and some cooked protein like paneer or chicken
• Try an open-toast sandwich for a change.
• Consider following the food flow by keeping nutrients in this order-

Fiber > Protein > Complex Carb > healthy fat
• You may try bread made with other flour such as almond flour or opt for low-carb flour.

French bread is fermented for 2 hours while Vienna bread takes 12 hours. This is due to the difference in the type of flour used. The nutritional value of the latter is better but it still has a high glycemic index. One study finds a direct link between bread consumption and obesity. Moderation is recommended while consuming bread for better health.

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