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The Glucose Roller Coaster: How Bananas and Whey Protein Affect Your Body

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Bananas, ripe ones, are nutritious, but consuming them can result in a glucose spike. The fibre content in a banana is also relatively on the lower end. Thus, bananas should be consumed in moderation, preferably with protein and fibre-rich food like Whey Protein. Combined, they positively impact glucose metabolism, helping control blood sugar levels.

Bananas and Whey Protein: How to Incorporate Them Wisely for Stable Blood Sugar Levels
• Try pairing a small or medium-sized banana with a scoop of whey protein powder with nut butter for some healthy fats. It will maintain your blood sugar levels.
• Try eating lesser ripe bananas with a lower glycemic index and higher resistant starch. Therefore, it won’t spike blood sugar levels much like riper bananas.
• Consider opting for an unsweetened or low-calorie naturally sweetened whey protein powder to avoid added sugars.

Bananas contain fibre and resistant starch that slow digestion, while whey protein helps increase insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin resistance. Combining these two foods can provide numerous health benefits, including improved weight management, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, and increased satiety that helps counteract binge eating disorders.

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