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The Perfect Pair: How PB&J Can Be Part of a Balanced Diet for Steady Glucose Levels

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Peanut butter and jam sandwich are often considered high-sugar foods. Jam is typically made by cooking fruit with sugar, which can result in a mixture of sucrose and glucose. Moreover, refined white carbohydrates in bread can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Both these ingredients can lead to a spike in blood glucose levels. However, peanut butter on its own is a good source of protein and healthy fats, which can help stabilise blood sugar levels, if eaten in moderation.

Delicious and nutritious peanut butter and jam sandwich
• Try using whole-grain bread instead of white bread to increase fibre content.
• You can opt for an open sandwich with one slice of bread to reduce the carb intake.
• Consider fresh lean proteins like chicken, paneer or fish as fillers to increase satiety and slow the absorption of glucose.
• You can add salads with high fibre content like lettuce, kale or arugula to the sandwich to slow the uptake and absorption of glucose.
• For maintaining a healthy diet, try limiting your sandwich to half a serving.

Hyperglycaemia can be caused by consuming foods with a high glycaemic load, which includes sugary spreads like jam. Optimising a sandwich with whole-grain bread, lean proteins and high-fibre fillers can slow the absorption of glucose and reduce the risk of hyperglycaemia.

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