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The Truth Is Bittersweet: How Frappuccinos Impact Your Blood Sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Frappuccino contains a high amount of added sugars in syrup, milk, and espresso. The sugars from the milk (lactose) and syrup (sugar water) can cause a rapid spike in blood sugar, leading to hyperglycemia. This spike can then lead to a crash in blood sugar levels, which can negatively impact metabolic scores and lead to a low score.

Ways to optimise frappuccino intake
• Frappuccino is a high-calorie and sugary beverage, so it should be consumed in moderation.
• You can ask for a “skim” version of a Frappuccino, which contains fewer calories and less sugar.
• Try iced coffee without sugar or additives.
• Consider opting for iced coffee without milk or iced black coffee.
• Opt for plant-based milk to balance the intake and stabilise the sugar spike.

Frappuccino beverages contain high amounts of sugar and other ingredients that can cause blood sugar spikes. These drinks are usually very high in calories and include large amounts of added sugar, which can cause the body to release insulin and raise the blood sugar level quickly. Many Frappuccino beverages also contain caffeine, which can further contribute to the rise in blood sugar levels.

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