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Troubleshooting gaps in your HR, temperature or HRV

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Jun 12, 2024

You may see gaps in your HR, Temperature, or HRV graphs. Possible causes for these gaps are:

  1. Your ring was too loose. You can try wearing it on a different finger.
  2. Sensors not aligned properly. Before Sleep, ensure your ring’s LED sensors are underneath your finger and your ring fit feels snug.
  3. There’s dirt or dead skin between the ring sensors and the finger. Cleaning the ring with a damp microfibre cloth can help.
  4. A high amount of motion due to restlessness during sleep.
  5. You slept in a position that caused your hand to go numb.
  6. Your resting heart rate was exceptionally low (below 35 bpm).
  7. Arrhythmia, or an irregular heartbeat.

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