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Understanding the “Sweet Science” between Lassi and Glucose Metabolism

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

A delicious beverage that most Indians love, although lassi is made from curd (which has a low GI), it can affect glucose metabolism and cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Typically, lassi contains a lot of added sugar, and the sugar sucrose is a leading cause of blood glucose spikes.

How to enjoy lassi without blood sugar spikes
• To sweeten the lassi, use a natural sweetener such as stevia, monk fruit. This can help to reduce the spikes in blood sugar.
• You can try adding cinnamon to the lassi, as it can help to improve the blood glucose levels and insulin response in people with high blood glucose levels.
• Having apple cider vinegar or ACV before a meal, including lassi, can help to reduce blood sugar spikes.
• Having a handful of nuts along with your lassi can help control blood glucose because of the unsaturated fatty acids in them.

If you love lassi and must have it, try to reduce the quantity and have a tiny portion. And, if you are using sugar to sweeten the lassi, then use a minimal amount.

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