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Upgrade your scrambled egg sandwich for better glucose control

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

A scrambled egg sandwich is a quick and easy breakfast option for many. However, the bread in the sandwich can cause a spike in blood sugar levels. But with a few simple tweaks, you can turn this classic breakfast into a healthier option without compromising taste.

Elevate your scrambled egg sandwich for better glucose management.
• You may swap the bread with a low-carb alternative like almond flour or seed bread.
• Try to use just one slice of bread to reduce the glucose load.
• Try to have it with a salad for added fibre and nutrients.

When you eat a high-carb meal like a sandwich made with white bread, your body rapidly converts carbohydrates into glucose. This causes a spike in blood sugar levels. But a high-protein breakfast like scrambled eggs can also improve glucose metabolism and reduce post-meal blood sugar levels. That’s because protein takes longer to digest, which slows down glucose absorption into the bloodstream. So, implementing the suggested changes to your scrambled egg sandwich can support glucose control and promote overall health.

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