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When Life Gives You Cherries, and a glucose spike

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Red sour cherries are a fruit known for their tart flavour and deep red colour. They are popular in baked goods, jams, and other culinary creations. In addition to their culinary uses, these cherries are believed to have potential health benefits. However, there is a catch. Since cherries contain fructose, a natural sugar commonly found in fruits can affect people with hyperglycemia. It doesn’t mean that you need to forego this nutritious fruit completely. You need to modify how you consume it to minimize the rise in blood sugar levels.

Optimising glucose levels while eating red sour cherries
• Try to practice portion control when eating cherries (if you consume 1 medium bowl of cherries, opt for 1 small bowl).
• You may add a fat source like nut butter or pair the red sour cherries with a handful of nuts. This will change the GI of the meal and help with better glucose metabolism.
• You may pair it with a protein shake like whey, which will slow down the release of sugar and prevent spikes.

Red sour cherries get a low food score because they contain fruit sugar fructose along with glucose, which can cause hyperglycemia. Nevertheless, you need not deprive yourself of all the goodness that this fruit provides. In fact, consuming cherries in moderation can have positive effects on glucose metabolism. You must eat it smartly by combining it with high-protein and good-fat food to slow down glucose metabolism.

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