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Whip up a healthy twist: Make custards glucose-friendly

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Custard is a delicious dessert made with fruits and custard sauce. It contains added sugar which can lead to a pike in your blood glucose levels, known as hyperglycemia. Fruits, if present, can further increase blood sugar levels due to the presence of natural fruit sugars like fructose.

Moreover, custard sauce is made with milk or cream, which is high in lactose and breaks down to form glucose and galactose in the body and increases the overall glycemic index.

Modifying Custard To Stabilise Blood Glucose Levels
• Custard contains a lot of sugar. Try using plant-based sweeteners like stevia, which are calorie-free and do not increase blood sugar levels. You can also avoid sugar altogether.
• Don’t pair custard with fruits as they pile up the sugar quantity in the dessert.

Making custard healthier is not tricky. By adding low-fat/plant-based milk, removing sugars and adding healthy toppings like nuts and seeds, you can create a delicious and nutritious custard that is still satisfying. These simple modifications will help you better manage blood glucose levels.

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