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White Breads Hold Some Dark Secrets

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

White bread is a go-to food for all. However, before breaking your next slice of bread, know it can spike your blood sugar levels. White bread is made of refined wheat flour and contains sugar too. As a result, white bread has a high glycemic index value of 74.
You don’t have to stop eating bread to control your blood sugar. Minor changes in your eating patterns may help you make your meal healthier.

Make your White Bread Healthier
• Consider eating your white bread in toasted form. Carbohydrates take longer to break down in toasted bread, thus reducing the GI value.
• You may eat white bread with ghee as it is known to control post-meal sugar spikes due to the presence of fatty acids.
• You can also try grass-fed butter or avocados with your bread to lower its GI.
• Try making white bread sandwiches with non-starchy vegetables to balance the sugar levels.

Since white bread is made using refined wheat flour and sugar, it contains a lot of glucose. Thus, it can increase blood sugar levels immediately. So, it would be best to consider eating some fatty or protein-based items with bread to slow down the release of glucose in the blood.

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