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Your Peda Cravings Fix Minus The Glucose Spikes

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Peda is an Indian sweet dish that is made using condensed milk and sugar and is usually flavoured with saffron. Despite being rich in taste, it ranks low in the healthy food index. It is fat-rich because of milk and cream. It contains simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates include glucose and sucrose. This can lead to hyperglycemia.

Healthier ways to consume your “Peda”
• You may switch to healthier flour like almond flour and coconut flour. They both are low-carbohydrate flour and can help control blood sugar levels.
• You can also try out Keto mithai recipes to stay within range and optimise your food scores. They are a low carbohydrate food.
• Consider using plant-based substitute sweeteners like stevia instead of table sugar. They are healthier substitutes for added sugars.

Milk also contains lactose. Lactose is also a simple carbohydrate that increases your blood sugar level instantly. Moreover, the added sugar can also lead to some diseases like cardivascular diseases and obesity. Consuming “peda” with the above mentioned options will satisfy your cravings without harming your health.

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