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Caring for your Ultrahuman Ring — A comprehensive guide

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Aug 30, 2023
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The Ultrahuman Ring is not just a visual marvel but also a compact powerhouse of health tracking. 🦾 Ensuring that it remains shiny and efficient as the day you first unbox it is pretty simple.

Hardware care: Maintaining the perfect finish

  1. Gentle cleaning routine The Ring, by design, is chemical, sweat and corrosion-resistant. However, a quick and regular cleaning routine is recommended a few times a week to maintain hygiene. Gently sweep away smudges and marks that masquerade as scratches using a soft microfibre cloth. For a thorough cleanse, consider using alcohol-based solutions specifically designed for delicate surfaces.
  2. Thoughtful protection against scratches Be mindful of the environments and activities where your ring may encounter wear. Activities that involve repeated motion with your hands, such as washing dishes, or those that bring the ring into contact with abrasive surfaces, such as metal dumbbells or knurled materials, can lead to cosmetic wear. Consider removing the ring during such activities to keep it looking shiny new.
How to take care of your Ultrahuman Ring

Battery health: For longevity and performance

  1. Optimised charging practices Use a charger with an output rating of less than 20W for efficient and optimal charging of the battery.
  2. Smart charging habits Avoid draining the battery completely or leaving it plugged in beyond 100%. Ideally, recharge around the 30% mark and unplug once fully charged to protect against unnecessary wear.
  3. Savvy battery management Embrace partial charging—shorter, frequent charging cycles are beneficial for Lithium-ion batteries. Keeping the battery levels between 30% and 100% improves its longevity.
  4. Occasional battery calibration A few times a year, run a full discharge (to 0%) and recharge cycle (to 100%) to recalibrate the system. This fine-tuning ensures an accurate calibration of the ring’s battery life.

Long-term wear of the ring on your skin necessitates easy skincare routines to maintain healthy skin.

Skincare: Unlocking Ultimate Comfort

  1. Managing ring marks Just like other hand jewellery, wearing your smart ring for extended durations might result in temporary marks or slight skin discolouration which is a natural and harmless occurrence. To maintain an even skin tone and supple texture, moisturise your hands frequently with a good hand cream.
  2. Preventing dryness or irritation Maintain the inner surface of your ring clean and dry. Regular cleaning, especially post-workout, promotes comfort and prevents any irritation. If your skin is particularly sensitive, consider more frequent cleanings.

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