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Find your ideal size using the Ultrahuman Ring Sizing Kit

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Apr 18, 2024
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Your Ultrahuman Ring AIR experience begins with our ring sizing kit. This kit is designed to help you determine your ideal ring size, ensuring accuracy and comfort throughout the day and night. It includes a set of high-quality plastic rings in various sizes, each labeled with a specific size number. Please note that our sizing is unique and may differ from standard market sizes.

Do the two-night sizing test

To determine your ideal size, we recommend the two-night sizing test using the sizing kit provided. This test ensures that you find a ring size that remains comfortable and secure, even as your fingers naturally expand and contract. The fit of your ring significantly impacts data accuracy, making this step crucial for reliable health metrics.

Select the optimal finger

Begin by choosing the finger you intend to wear the ring on. For the highest performance and precision, we recommend wearing the ring on your index finger. This finger typically offers a more secure and tight fit, which is essential for maintaining steady contact between the sensors and your skin. If you prefer another option, the middle and ring fingers are also suitable.

Opt for a secure fit

Once you’ve selected a finger, position the sensor nodes (or bumps) inside the sample ring on the palm side of your finger. Ensure the ring sits comfortably yet securely at the base of your finger, providing stable contact without causing discomfort. A properly fitted ring reduces movement and ensures continuous data collection, which is critical for accurate monitoring of your physiological metrics.

Verify the fit

During the test, clench your fist with the sample ring on. If you notice a gap between your finger and the ring, the ring is too loose. Try a smaller size to ensure a tighter fit. The ring should remain steady and not spin around as you go about your daily activities, as movement can disrupt sensor readings.

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Assess the fit over time

Wear the sample ring for at least two nights and throughout your daily activities. Pay attention to how the ring feels during various activities and at different times of the day. The ring should stay in place and not rotate on your finger. Consistent wear is crucial for gathering reliable and accurate data on your sleep, movement, and recovery metrics.

Submit your preferred size

Scan the QR code on the ring sizing kit to submit your preferences. You need to be logged in using the same email ID on the Ultrahuman App as your purchase email ID (as mentioned in your order confirmation email). You will find the option to submit your preferences under the home tab. Be sure to be updated to our latest app version from the App/Play Store.

However, in case you are unable to log into the app using your purchase email ID, please try the steps below:

1. Log in to the Ultrahuman App using any Apple or Gmail ID.

2. Head to the “Ring” tab.

3. Look for the option that says ‘Not able to see your Order’ (Screenshot provided for reference).

4. Click on this option and transfer your order from the email associated with your purchase to the one used to log in on the Ultrahuman App.

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Here’s a quick video for a step-by-step guide on using the kit:

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